Here you will find images of some of the 8" to 10" figures that I have customized. These were either kitbashed or I created new sculpts & costumes for them. Some were sold on eBay and I created several more but I can't seem to find the pictures, ATM.... I'll add more as I find them.

Many of the following figures represent characters owned by various companies and corporations. No challenge to their ownership is meant by these pictures. All other characters are owned by me or close friends of mine!


Here is my very first attempt at a Famous Covers custom: Elektra!


The great guys in my Famous Covers web group decide that we should create a group of original characters as a "group project". Here are my submissions and the "group shot" that John made from our pics. Check out his site at: .

Here, we have Loadstone: the Living Magnet. Here is a guy in WAY over his head. With the power to magnetize himelf, he has the right idea and a noble heart but not nessesarily the powers to back it up.

HEre is the group shot of the whole team. Talk about an interesting group of characters! I encourage you to head over to and check out their fantastic Bios and more pics. Ther is a larger version of the image here .

I got so into the project as we were creating them, I actually made THREE figures. In addition to Loadstone, I created to villains for the Originals to fight.

This is Nyx: Witch of Chaos. A girl that was picked on her entire life and who now has the power to gain vengeance...on the whole world! Not a formidalble opponent herself, her true power lies in the Homonculus that she can create (vomit forth, actually).

This is Crucible, Nyx's Homonculus. Created from her blood and bile, Crucible is completely loyal and a powerful opponent.


This is a Famous Covers custom of the second woman in the Marvel "universe" who calls herself Black Widow, Yelena Belova. It seems that she belives she should be called Black Widow instead of the original, Natasha Romanov, due to the fact that SHE is still loyal to mother Russia. You can find the "comic" image HERE.


Here ia a Famous Covers custom of Namor, the Sub Mariner. I am really proud of the way he turned out. I resculpted the ears and hair on a Mr. Sinister head and made a mold of Captain America's "head wings" and then cast them in white laytex for his ankle wings.


This is a Famous Covers custom of Penance from the pages of the Generation X comic. "Penny" was always one of my favorite characters and I knew that when I started FC customizing, she would be one of my first. The head is actually a "Teresa" doll head which has been shrunk (with Acetone) to the FC scale. The hands and feet are from the Penance action figure from the short lived Generation X action figure line. I always thought that they were WAY too big for a 6" figure but they seem to be the perfect size for an 8" "Penny"


Here is my Famous Covers Custom Witchblade. This was a labor of love for me and took a bout 2 years of on and off work to complete her. SHe has an all new head with a wig made from part of a halloween wig, the withcblade itself is removeable and the dress is, I think, a pretty accurate replica of the one Sara Pezini wore in the first issue of the comic.



Here is my Famous Covers version of Beta Ray Bill. For those of you not familiar, Bill was an alien explorer who was the first being, other than Thor himself, that was worthy enough to hold Thor's enchanted hammer. After a brief stint as Thor, Bill returnd Thor's hammer and was granted a similar weapon by Odin himself. This figure features an original head sculpt as well and new hand sculpts! The costume has foam detailing.