Here are some Merits that I had to create or translate to NWoD for my "Nightside Investigations" game. let me know what you think.

Armor (1 to 4 point Merit)

The character’s body has been supernaturally reinforced. Be it through a magical spell or a supernatural birthright or even a contract with a “Dark Spirit”. This could also represent an unusual skin, such as a leathery hide, scales or even an insect-like carapace. Each dot acts as additional armor against all damage.
This “natural armor” acts as the standard Armor Equipment bonus( -1 die per dot). This protection applies to Bashing & Lethal damage & it applies to Aggravated Damage, at the Storyteller’s discretion.
If the storyteller’s allows, an attack can be made with a -4 to the die pool that, if successful, bypasses the armor and strikes a weak point.
Prerequisite: Supernatural Origin & Storyteller’s permission.

Venom (1 to 5 Point Merit)

The character can deliver venom through a tooth claw or perhaps even a “spitting” attack. This may be a natural ability, due to a mysterious, supernatural birth or a curse placed upon the character. The Venom has a toxicity rating equal to 1 + the number of dots in this Merit. In order to deliver the poison, the character must make a successful attack that causes at least one health level of damage. If the poison can be “spit”, the character must roll Dexterity + Firearms to hit the target.
Immediately following the successful attack and on every turn following, the victim must make a reflexive and contested Stamina + Resolve roll. If the roll fails to score a number of successes equal to or greater than the number of dots in this Merit, he automatically suffers a number of health levels of damage equal to the dots in this Merit. If the victim scores enough successes, he receives no damage. If the victim scores enough successes to resist all damage two rounds in a row, the venom has been purged from his system and no additional damage is suffered.
The character can deliver a number of “doses” equal to its Stamina score +1, per day. If the character has a supernatural advantage, such a Essence or Vitae, the character may spend 3 points of this to generate another “dose” of venom. Spitting the Venom uses two “doses”.
Prerequisite: Supernatural Origin & Storyteller’s permission

Lucky (4 point Merit)

            The character is exceptionally lucky and fortune seems to shine upon him, that or the devil looks after his own... The character may ignore 2 negative modifiers, up to 3 times during a single story. Once used, the Merit cannot be used again until the next story begins. Note that this Merit cannot give a bonus to die pools, only counter negative modifiers.

Night Sight (1 point Merit)

            The character can see exceptionally well in darkness. This Merit counters up to 3 negative modifiers due to darkness or poor lighting. Note that this Merit cannot give a bonus to Perception checks, only counter negative modifiers.

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