Here are the various renderings that I have created over the years. YOu will recognize some of the faces (I hope) and some you may not. Hover over each picture to see who it is (supposed to be). ( MUCH thanks to Michelle- my wife, Paul, Dave, Tommy, Scott, Jet, Jessie, Drew, J.T.and Chad for the inspirations and ideas over the years! )



These pictures were created with dots only. If you look closley, you can see that there are no lines in the pic at all. I really like the way these pictures look once they are complete but they are VERY aggrivating to actually create. My wife has often threatened to kill or divorce me due to my crabbiness while making them. She was just kidding, of course. Right, Honey? Right....?

Unknown action hero Yasmeen GhauriUnknown suit model


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