Case History

Below, you will find detail on some of the more interesting cases that we have solved. We at Nightside specialize in the unusual and what law enforcement agencies and other investigators deem "unsolvable". Because of this, some of the information you find below may seem unusual or imposible. It has been included to help you understand that we at Nightside are willing to assist you, no matter the situation and we are ready to believe you.


Case File 00120070601 - Heart's Desire

Case File 00220070801 - Eternal Slender

Case File 00320071001 - Awakening

Case File 00420080101 - Devil's Due

Case File 00520080201 - The Key



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Disclaimer: This site is for a ficticious occult investigation agency and should not be considered an actual offer of services. Any cases discussed are "investigations" that were played around a table top, amongst friends, while playing a roleplaying game. If you have difficulty discerning reality from fiction / make-believe / roleplaying games, please look elsewhere for what you seek.