Client Testimony

Here is what some of our satisfied cusomers say about the services we have provided for them:

“My husband and I have utilized Mr. Prophet’s services for several years now. Nightside has assisted us with a variety of tasks. From locating missing valuables to tracking down buyers who attempted to hide from their financial obligations, Mr. Prophet and his team of skilled professionals have always been efficient and successful. We wouldn’t use anyone else!”

Helena M.
Business Owner
Eden City, New York

“I have utilized the consultation services and investigative assistance of Nightside Investigations, a number of times, over the years. Their expert advice and capable assistance have been invaluable in solving some of my toughest cases and bringing dangerous criminals to justice.”

Anonymous ECPD Detective
Eden City, New York

“There was this girl that was totally making EVERYONE believe that she was me! I mean, come ON; talk about identity theft! I had, like, NO idea that this was going on. They were even, um, faking pictures of me and stuff. So these guys from Nightside came along a TOTALLY took care of the problem and even made sure all of the, you know, EMBARASSING stuff went away. They were a TOTAL lifesaver. I just LOVE those guys!”

Mandy C.
Eden City, New York

“The Investigators conducted themselves with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, despite the events they were dealing with. I can’t say that I was happy with what they found but I must admit that they DID uncover the truth. In doing so, they put right several wrongs and brought peace of mind to those that needed it.”

Martin Kaplan
CEO, Kaplan Communications
Stewart County Correctional Facility

“Without the help of Nightside Investigations, a dear and true friend of mine would still be missing and likely would have been taken from me for eternity. Thanks to their diligence and tenacity, she is still here to enjoy all the night has to offer, for many nights to come.”

Cassandra Nox
Eden City, New York

“My daughter was supposedly working for the “prestigious” modeling agency in the city, you know? The thing is, we hadn’t seen or heard from her in weeks! The “agency” told us that she was in Peru or someplace & that they’d pass the messages to her. We didn’t buy it. Then, out of the blue, these guys from Nightside Investigations uncovered some kind of slave and drug ring being run right out of the agency. Our daughter suffered a lot at the hands of those...those monsters, and she may never fully recover or have a normal diet but, we have our Becky back! Thank you, Nightside Investigations.”

James H.
Belminton, Nebraska

“The Nightside staff, while utilizing some admittedly unorthodox methods and being comprised of an…ODD group of individuals, performs their duties with the greatest integrity and, most importantly, confidentiality. They were certainly successful in uncovering the somewhat unsurprising truth about MY case and I have no doubt that they will be successful in the resulting, ongoing investigation.”

William D.
Business Owner
Eden City, New York