Our Staff of Experts, ready to assist you with any problems you may have:

Catherine Sable

Co-Owner and Investigative Coordinator of Nightside Investigations, Catherine Sable has been "on the inside" of the Who's-who in San Francisco since childhood. Affectionately referred to as "Madame Sable" by our staff, her business acumen and knowledge of the "elite" citizens of the Bay Area give our agency an edge when negotiation those circles and helps expand our sphere of connections into areas that would normally be "off-limits" to other private investigation agencies.


Alphonse Beaufort

Mr Beaufort is one of Nightside's chief client security and criminal apprehensions experts. His broad range of world-wide experiences, single-minded focus on the task at hand and unparalleled physical ability make him an almost unstoppable force, when ensuring your safety and security. HIs presence allows you to rest easy when Nightside Investigation takes responsibility for your well being.


Gareth Edwyn Owens

With a lifetime of experience behind him, Mr Owens is one of Nightside's lead investigators. With specialties in the disciplines of forensic science and criminology, Mr Owen's is uniquely qualified to get inside the mind of the criminal element and understand how they think. With his assistance, you can feel confident that there are few barriers that can hinder Nightside Investigations when resolving your case.


Rela Inpetus

Ms Inpetus' vast experience in human relations, combined with an exceptionally long previous career revolving around applied human interactions, gives her a decided advantage in dealing with the "human element" that our staff may encounter. This unique perspective allows Nighside Investigations to turn the odds in your favor while working your case.


Jaci Whitedove

Despite her youthful appearance, Ms. Whitedove's extensive CQB training, practical investigative experience and knowledge of esoteric topics, helps Nightside Investigations ensure the successful resolution of any situation that you need our help with. in addition, Ms. Whitedove's connections to the international relief organization, L'ordre du Capot Rouge, provides her with a variety of resources and contacts, worldwide, which she can bring to bear on your case.


Mr. Cogsworth


Sam Archer

With more than a decade of experience with the San Francisco Police Department, Mr. Archer readily places his practical experience and years of training at the disposal of our clients to assist in solving their case or resolving the situations in which they find themselves in need of our help. Mr. Archer always practices the utmost respect and professionalism and keeps the importance of confidentiality in mind at all times.




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