Our Staff of Experts, ready to assist you with any problems you may have:

Devlin Prophet

Mr. Prophet is the co-owner and Investigative Coordinator of Nightside Investigations. With decades of experience in investigations and executive troubleshooting, Mr. Prophet uses his exceptional expertise to help direct and oversee all investigations performed by our staff. Mr. Prophet has the final say in which jobs our staff undertakes and what the fees will be for each investigation. Mr. Prophet's extensive network of connections keep him up to date on the happenings in Eden City, a boon to any client we assist.

Isabelle "Izzy" Circe

Ms. Circe handles all initial contact and some secretarial duties of Nightside Investigations. Her primary responsibility is to the health and well-being of our staff and, if necessery, our clients as well. Ms. Circe's extensive knowledge of "holistic medicine" ensures our staff is constantly in peak condition and ready to assist those in need. Ms. Circe's intuitive skills are also invaluable to our investigative staff. Her insight assists our investigators in making the connections that others may have missed, allowing Nightside to be successful where other have failed.

Simon Wright

Mr. Wright is our expert in abductions and missing persons. While he provides valuable assistance to all investigations, his true expertise is in the areas of protection (of our clients or staff) and in assistance in missing persons and kidnapping cases. Mr. Wright has years of body guard experience and has worked as an independent security contractor and consultant. Mr. Wright's skill and sharp eye ensures the safety of our clients and staff.

Jeremy Black

Mr. Black is Nightside's most experienced investigator, with the exception of Mr. Prophet. Mr Black has specialized insight in the world of organized crime, as well as intimate knowledge of Eden City and underground gambling circuits. Mr. Black is not afraid to take necessary risks, to himself, in order aid our clients or to solve a case. With years of experience as an independent investigator, Mr. Black brings his expertise to bear on your problems to find a solution quickly and effectively.

Robert Neville

Mr Neville is our Technologies and Electronic Security Specialist. His years of tireless study and extensive experience allows us to bring our considerable, technological resources to aid in any situation you might have. Using the latest in surveillance and data collection methods, he will ensure that our team in on the cutting edge when it comes to your information gathering needs.

Jake Logan

Mr. Logan provides assistance with various aspects of our investigations. His knowledge of "the streets" and his connections with the "shadier" side of town, helps the staff Nightside keep its finger on the pulse of Eden City. Mr. Logan's varied experience, background and unique insight, allow Nightside to learn facts, clues and details that escape other investigators and put us at the forefront in any matter we turn our attention to.

Sam Archer

With more than a decade of experience with the San Francisco Police Department and nearly a decade worth of experience as a private investigator, Mr. Archer readily places his practical experience and years of training at the disposal of our clients to assist in solving their case or resolving the situations in which they find themselves in need of our help. Mr. Archer always practices the utmost respect and professionalism and keeps the importance of confidentiality in mind at all times.

Associates and Consultants that support our staff :

Norman Welch

Mr. Welch is Nightside's "go-to" consultant in the areas of history and esoteric studies. With many years of scholarly experience, Mr. Welch provides knowledges and expertise in areas that other investigators cannot. Mr. Welch's theological and occult studies and experience also provide insight into the activities and mind-set of "cult" and "fanatical" behavior, as well as the motivations of those that follow such subjects.

Detective Richard "Rick" Mitchell

Det. Mitchell is a 6 year veteran of the ECPD and Nightside's primary police contact. Det. Mitchell has collaborated with Mr. Prophet on numerous investigations and has provided law enforcement and legal insight that have occasionally been the key to solving a case. In return, Nightside has acted in a consultory capacity for Det. Mitchell, assisting the ECPD in numerous cases over the years.

Troy Roadman

Mr. Roadman is often called upon as a weapons and security expert, when a case is determined to be siginifcantly hazardous. With many years of martial and security experience, Mr. Roadman possesses the knowledge and equipment to ensure the safety of our clients when the need arises. While not officially a member of our staff, Nightside often contracts Mr. Roadman whenever an investigation becomes or has the potential to become, dangerous. An expert in many forms of combat arts and weaponry, Mr. Roadman is dedicated to providing whatever extra security is needed for our investigations.


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