Title : Daughter of Lillith

Name : Vampirella (Vampi, Ella, etc.)

Sire : None, born of Lillith

Generation : 6 th ?

Nature : Visionary

Demeanor : Judge

Age : Unknown

Attributes :

Str.3 /Dex.5 /Sta.4 /Cha.4 /Man.4 (Spec: Sexual) /App.7 (Spec: skimpy outfit) /Per.3 /Int.3 /Wit.5

Abilities : Brawl 4, Dodge 3, Leadership 4, Melee 3, Animalism 3, Melee 4, Stealth 3, Survival 2, Investigation 2, Occult 5, Vampire Lore 6, Demon Lore 4, Performance 3(Spec: Magicians Assistant), Vamp 5, Tactics 4,

Virtues : Courage 5, Conscience 4, Self-control 5

Backgrounds : Allies 5, Destiny 6, Arcane 3, Generation 7, Resources 5, Equipment 5,

Disciplines : Auspex 1, Celerity 2, Dominate 2, Fortitude 5, Presence 3, Protean 6, Potence 5, Animalism 3,

Willpower : 9

Humanity : 7

Image : Ask any two people that have seen her what Vampirella looks like and odds are, you will likely get two different descriptions. Vampi's beauty is such that all that look upon her see their own ideal of what beauty is brought to “life” in her. What they all agree on is that she is relatively young, in her twenties to thirties. Her eyes are emerald green and she has raven black hair, usually described as long and straight. Her “clothing” (if it can truly be called that) most often consists of a tiny, red, bathing suit-like…covering. Mostly open at the front, the gold ring that clasps the collar also barley preserves her dignity. There is also a gold bat design on her lower abdomen, just below her navel. She sometimes wears two gold armbands, one large and one small, as well as a pair of black boots, sometimes thigh high and sometimes calf high.

Role-playing Hints : While she looks like the quintessential bad girl, Vampi is a good girl at heart…well, mostly. As is obvious, Vampi is very in touch with her seductive, sensual side and not afraid to hide it in the least. She is a force of good on earth, however; she knows and takes very seriously, her duty to destroy all evil vampires. In battle, she is deceivingly cunning and fights to win. Vampi tends to see the world in extreme black and white and is passionate about all things, she loves and hates with all of her heart. While she is for the most part level headed, she can be a bit overconfident when it comes to her battle prowess, a flaw that can sometime get her in trouble.

Haven : Varies

Influence :

Merits/Flaws : IMA: Not damaged by sunlight, IMA: Cannot be staked, Immortal (cannot permanently be destroyed), IMA: Reduced Blood Thirst (-1 difficulty to resist frenzy, “draining” occurs only once every two nights),


Level 6 Protean:

Wings of the Bat.

With this power, a vampire may grow large, bat like wings from her back, approximately from the shoulder blades, which she can use to fly.

System: The vampire must burn one blood point and the wings take a turn to grow. If she spends an extra blood, the wings grow instantly. Flight speed is based on the vampire's running speed x 1.5.

History: Vampirella has always been a child of the night. For years, she believed that she was born on a planet of Vampires named Drakulon, and escaped to Earth for it's rich blood content. She spent this time working as a magicians assistant to a man named Mordecai Pendragon and aiding he and Adam Van Helsing, a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, to defeat a myriad of supernatural evil. She also developed a relationship with Adam during this time. It was later revealed to her, by Dracula himself, that she was actually born of Lilith, the vampire she-demon Queen, who ruled from a realm of hell known as Drakulon. Lillith had created many demonic children and later created Vampi to defeat them. In a fight with the vampire Mistress Nyx, Vampirella was killed and sent to Drakulon. It was there that she defeated her mother, and won her way back to Earth with a new mission: to destroy all vampires on Earth. While in Drakulon, Vampirella lost most of the traditional vampire weaknesses, giving her that much more of an edge over her prey.